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Advanced Medical – Aesthetic Equipment

THERAPY  COOL Thermal Contrast Therapy and Cryotherapy  

Biotechnology at the service of health and beauty
Beauty  and  physiotherapy  treatments
Patented system

Therapy Cool , is the result of 20 years of experience in Balneotherapy of some of us.

                                                   Phrases like:    "After taking a sauna I feel good as new"

                                                                             "I feel like it improves the texture and appearance of my skin"

                                                                             "I get an extraordinary relaxation and release the stress of the whole week"

                                                                             "The contrasts activate my circulation"

                                                                             "I'm very relieved of muscle aches"


                                                   These are phrases that we have been listening constantly for all those years.


The observation of the good results of Balneotherapy treatments (applications of Thermal Contrasts), in fields as diverse as beauty, rehabilitation, physiotherapy and general well-being, was the germ of a piece of equipment like Therapy Cool.

Aware of the complexity of making a piece of equipment capable of transmitting the benefits and sensations generated by water but not coming into contact with it, we got on with it.

In the design of Therapy Cool, we knew that we had a challenge, to make a perfect symbiosis between high technology and traditional methods of water management and Thermal Contrast applications.


In each of our equipment, we had to convey our experiences


We had to get in our treatments, in addition to results, that feeling of relaxation that we are looking for when we enter a spa.

Four years of research and development, as well as the realization of countless trials

and treatments, resulted in  Therapy Cool, a  high-tech  device, extremely  simple  to

use  and   designed   for    the  realization  of  beauty  and  physiotherapy  treatments

with thermal contrasts, (Dry balneotherapy), a device designed to be  installed in any

cabin and that only needs a plug to be operated.

We believe in the importance of work made conscientiously.

After four years of development and investigation, we performed the tests for CE marking in an external laboratory, AT4 Wireless, where we certified the equipment.

The first manufactured equipment left our facilities in the year 2010, at the moment there are about 200 equipment installed in different countries of the world.

During the process of developing Therapy Cool, we understood that mass production was not suitable for a device like Therapy Cool, based on excellence and detail rigor... and that is why our production is currently limited and exclusively on request, an average of 3 to 5 Therapy Cool devices leave our facilities every month, conscientiously made equipment, completely handmade and delivered to our customers by rigorous order of request.

                                      Each   of   the   manufactured   equipment   has  a  history  and  each  Therapy Cool owner  has  a

                                      certificate of quality, which guarantees the quality standards used, both  in  materials  and  in  the

                                      manufacture of their equipment and a brief history of its manufacturing process.

                                      In order to maintain this strictness in the details we  have  designed  applicators  (exchangers),  of

                                      exclusive and patented design. They are totally flexible and  adaptable to the  different  areas  of

                                      the body to be treated, achieving a greater contact surface and  being very  comfortable  for  the


Beauty  and  physiotherapy  treatments
Beauty treatments
Beauty treatments
Beauty treatments

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