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The equipment performs 9 non-invasive diagnostic tests
Telemedicine Equipment
Telemedicine Equipment

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We start a new era in the health care and quality of life of our elders


Therapy Autocuidados is a high-tech equipment, designed and developed by a company specialized in Research and development of equipment for the medical and pharmaceutical sector. This is undoubtedly one of the reasons that explain why Therapy Autocuidados has a deep vocation focused primarily on prevention, with the early detection of symptoms characteristic of diseases such as Asthma, COPD, heart disease, diabetes, anemia, etc., as well as in the fight against smoking, with the introduction in the equipment of the Cooximeter, an element that provides the data of the level of Carbon Monoxide in real time, introducing the novelty of having two measurement scales according to the age of the Patient, (adult or adolescent), providing unprecedented levels of accuracy so far.

The differences of Therapy Autocuidados with everything that is currently on the market, are not only limited to its special inclination towards prevention, but also and as a novelty, incorporates NON-INVASIVE measurement devices. 

Another feature that certainly sets it apart from the competition is its powerful software, specially developed for, based on a series of data of the client, like age, sex, familiar antecedents, diseases that the client suffers, etc., as well as the readings of the different diagnostic elements installed in the equipment, blood pressure, spirometry, co-oximetry, oximetry, glucose level, etc..., is able to interrelate the different data and extract from the relation between them an accurate profile of the general condition of the client.

Self-care, essential element for life in health:

According to INE (Statistics National Institute) estimates, in the coming decades, life expectancy at  age  of  65  will  be between 25 and 27 years for women and between 20 and 21 years for men and at 80 years of age, will  be  between 12 and 13 years for women and between 9 and 10 for men.

Quality of life of our elders

This means that by 2050, more than 30% of the population is expected to be over 65 years of age, being the group of 70-74 years old people, the largest one.


It is estimated that chronic diseases will be the main  cause  of  disability  in  2020  and  by 2030 the current incidence will double.


One of the immediate consequences of this effect is  the  rapid  increase  in  patients  with multiple chronic diseases. People with multiple chronic  diseases  account  for  more  than 50% of the population with chronic diseases.

The costs to the health system of patients with more  than  one  chronic  disease  are  multiplied  by  six  compared  to those who do not have any or only have one.

If this problem is not adequately addressed, it will not only consume most  of  the  resources  of  health  systems,  but  may even question the sustainability of our current health system.



  • Spirometry with turbine and disposable nozzle:


(A world novelty, maximum precision and hygiene). The equipment incorporates

powerful software for the advanced interpretation of the spirometry  test,  which

allows the detection in the early stages of diseases such as:

  • ASTHMA: A highly frequent disease,  which  varies  greatly  from  country  to

       country and affects about 3 to 7% of  the  adult  population, having  a  higher

       incidence in childhood and being one of the most frequent chronic diseases.


  • COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease): This disease has a prevalence among the world population that is between 5 and 10% and the tendency is to increase. It is a preventable and treatable disease in a significant percentage of cases, if diagnosed in time.

  • PULMONARY AGE ESTIMATION: The   powerful   software   developed   is   capable  of   determining  the  level  of pulmonary deterioration of the patient represented by the data of "Pulmonary age".

  • Cooximety:


An element of inestimable value for the fight against smoking, (helps very effectively the smokers to quit), with the detection of the of Carbon Monoxide level. The equipment provides the novelty of allowing adjustment and adjusting the level of precision according to the patient's age (adult or adolescent), providing real-time readings of:


  • Carboxyhemoglobin levels (COHb).

  • CO levels (Carbon monoxide).

  • Automatic Blood Pressure Meter:


Checking the different values of blood pressure and heart rate comfortably in your pharmacy, with an excellent level of reliability and accuracy is already a reality with Combi, thanks to the powerful software developed, using a microprocessor and a sophisticated filtering system of different signals received, it is able to offer optimum levels of precision.


  • Control Cardiovascular (Cardio Therapy):


The equipment performs a measurement that provides a balance between stress and relaxation, as well as fitness. Measuring the variability of mean heart rate and heart rate (HRV). It also analyzes sympathetic and parasympathetic regulation by spectral analysis. HRV is a reliable parameter for the adaptability of the heart in different situations and the associated influence of the Autonomic Nervous System. This is an important indicator of stress and fitness. Showing in detail parameters such as:

  • Heart rate and mean heart rate.

  • Variability of the heart rate.

  • Heart stress, stress / relaxation balance.

  • Risk of arrhythmia.

  • Risk of fibrillation.

  • Oximetry (Finger Pulse Oximeter):


We measure oxygen saturation in the blood to prevent any pulmonary pathology, as well as the heart rate and the pulse curve. It is a highly reliable indicator of the general oxygenation level of tissues.


  • Digital Thermometer by Infrared:


We measure the temperature immediately and without physical contact.

  • IMC (Body Mass Index) - Weight and height (Optional)


The equipment measures the 5 parameters considered as vital signs:

  - Oxygen saturation

  - Blood pressure

  - Heart rate 

  - Breathing frequency

  - Temperature

The equipment also includes:

  • Video (Videoconference doctor – patient)

    • Tele consultation

    • Tele diagnosis

    • Tele monitoring

    • Tele-rehabilitation programs

    • Tele assistance to seniors and dependents

      • Tele mental health treatments

      • Psychological Support

      • Motivation about healthy living habits

    • Sending early warnings to the patient

    • ...

  • Transmission of diagnostic tests

  • Emergency push button for the elderly

  • Wifi Connection, GSM, 4G, ….     

  • RFID (Automatic identification of the patient by proximity)

Quality of life of our elders

Values provided by Cardio Therapy

Heart rate

High rates represent less ability to cope with stress.

Unusually low rhythms may indicate abnormalities in the heart.


Indicator of stress and of the capacity of the organism to recover after stressful situations.


Indicator   that  analyzes  the  balance  of   the  organism between the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. It is complemented by HRV to indicate the body's  ability to recover from stressful situations.

Risk of arrhythmia

Indicates if the subject suffers  or  is  at  risk  of  suffering some  type   of   arrhythmia   and   the   severity    of  this arrhythmia.

Risk of fibrillation

Indicates   whether   the   subject   has   or   is  at   risk  of fibrillation.

Our goal is to lead the change that leads to the optimization of health            resources, from management and technological excellence.

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