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Quote: The Roads of Health (Dr.Jose Luis Cidón Madrigal))

Hydrotherapy is as old as humans and the therapeutic power of water has been recognized and used in all times and for most cultures..

Dry balneotherapy

Hydrotherapy is officially recognized as a therapy with a high potential, both from a therapeutic and aesthetic point of view. The problem we have always had for its application with all the potential is none other than the discomfort for the patients and the reluctance of the patient to undergo treatments in which they come in direct contact with water and especially with cold water.


With Therapy Cool we have eliminated this discomfort for the patient, he receives the benefits of the applications of contrasts, but without the discomforts that until now had hydrotherapy treatments and especially without coming into contact with water.

Therapy Cool has an additional advantage, it acts on the organism completely naturally, coming into it from the outside. And for this we do not introduce current, neither electric or magnetic fields, etc ... we only make the body to react  applying controlled temperature contrasts.


Therapy Cool, without a doubt, is a new concept of Wellness, Health and Beauty that professionals of this sector had not had so far.

Some of the special features of Therapy Cool treatments are:
  • Technique based on equipment autonomy.


  • Very short learning curve.


  • Non invasive technology, but above all pleasant and addictive,  which makes it highly advisable or a good present to someone. In addition you want to repeat the treatment, keeping a good memory of it.


  • It is a physiological work technique (it is not against nature), it is based on natural principles.


  • At the slimming level, it is based on the stimulation of thermogenesis (heat emission in the infrared spectrum).


  • The achieved vasodilatation increases the permeability of the skin and allows the penetration of any product, managing to carry it to deep levels.

       And thanks to finishing the treatment in cold phase (vasoconstriction), we get the DEPOT effect, in which the

       product stays for a longer time in the target zone.

  • Immune stimulation leads to increased vitality and mood.


  • During the 50 min of treatment you treat all body areas.


  • In hypertensive systemic patients, the controlled hypotensive power of this technique is guaranteed.


  • At the physical rehabilitation level (locomotor therapies in rheumatic processes), such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, myofascial pain ...  that just runs with a multiple profile, consisting of chronic muscular pain spread throughout the body + articular ankylosis + Overweight + psychic depression + blood circulation problems + immunodeficiencies ... Therapy Cool seems tailor made.





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