We design tailor-made equipment for sectors as medical, aesthetic, industrial, etc…
Advanced Medical – Aesthetic Equipment
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Research Development and innovation

ARB Systems Proyectos Electrónicos SL, Designs, Manufactures, Installs and Maintains Products, Equipments and Advanced Technical Solutions.


A company with a vocation to remain and oriented towards its clients, that works in team and is proud to work together with its clients and the health professionals.


We are a team of professionals committed to the particular needs of each of our clients, sensitive to the problems of our society and responsible for working for a sustainable environment.


We offer you an R & D & I platform and manufacturing, tailor made for you. We make a budget adapted to your needs.

Presentation ARB Systems

Budget adapted to your needs, guarantee of commitment

Our services:


  • Turnkey Projects

  • Consultancy, (technical advice, design, etc.)

  • Product engineering, we follow the methodology of Total Quality, to provide our customers with the guarantee of having a highly technological product, reliable and suitable to their needs, applying in all our developments standards such as ISO 13485, ISO 9001, CE, ...

  • First trials

  • Generation of prototypes

  • Design and development of PCB, (electronics)

  • Design and development of Firmware and Software

  • Design and manufacture of molds (injection molds, thermoforming, etc ...)

  • Generation of documentation

  • Certification and CE marking

  • Manufacture of first series

  • Field tests

  • Final manufacture, we adapt to your needs (small and large productions).

  • Traceability in purchases, production, etc.




  • Technical and product design advice

  • Advice for the registration of national and international patents

  • Advice and guidance in the CE marking

  • Advice on safety standards in equipment and compliance with current regulations

  • Advice for the design of commercial and marketing strategies for positioning and sales of the products developed.

  • ….


Over the years we have specialized in the development of equipment for the medical and hospital sector, as well as for sectors as diverse as aesthetic, industrial, transportation, etc. We design equipment in the disciplines of electronics, computer science , Hydraulic, pneumatic, etc. ...


Our differences ... allow us to adapt to your needs.


  • Flexibility and agility in the design of customized solutions, (You have the idea, the invention, ... we develop it, we take care of everything and we help you to make it a reality).


  • We design with manufacturing thinking, (Optimize design to reduce manufacturing costs).    


  • Minimum structural costs, which allows us to have very competitive prices.


  • Multidisciplinary team with more than 20 years of experience in the development and manufacture of equipment.


  • We provide our customers, from the initial idea to the finished and certified product.


  • We manufacture the prototypes, the first pre-series and if you require even large productions.


  • We can reach agreements of collaboration, advice, R & D & I, etc ... stable over time, (for a small monthly fee)


  • Committed to technological quality and excellence

    • Total satisfaction commitment







                                     What we do improves the quality of people's lives


Commitment to Quality, Guarantee, Service and Reliability

In recent years, ARB Systems, working side by side with the Medical Sector, have developed numerous equipment that today are being successfully commercialized all over the world.


Of all these projects, we can highlight a complete line of Normotermia products, as well as three pieces of equipment of Chemo Hyperthermia for the treatment of bladder cancer, ovarian cancer, colorectal cancer, gastric cancer, ....

We have also developed equipment such as a milk Pasteurizer for neonatal units.


In the industrial sector we have developed Thermostating equipment (Temperature and Humidity) for the transport of artwork.

NORMOTHERMIA (Blood and fluid treatments)

 CHEMO HYPERTHERMIA(Treatment of different types of cancer)


Today we are proud of the way we have traveled, of all our clients for having trusted us and the work we have done for them, because they are the daily test of our effort.


These are some companies that we have worked with and are currently working on, they are our best presentation letter along with the aesthetic Centers where they use our technology.


We are at your disposal         to help you...
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