We design tailor-made equipment for sectors as medical, aesthetic, industrial, etc…
Advanced Medical – Aesthetic Equipment

Our experience shows that we can achieve amazing results using less aggressive and more respectful techniques with our body.


With this principle we develop high technology equipment that offers our customers innovative solutions, in accordance with the current situation and with the needs of the world of aesthetics and health.


We are a company where the permanent research, the satisfaction of our clients and the quality of the products we offer are the base of our project.

Our Reference Centers are present in different Autonomous Communities and in countries such as Mexico, Italy and Poland, where our main value is the satisfaction of our customers.

At these Centers they work with the most advanced technology, realizing that it is the most effective and at the same time the least aggressive in the market.


  • We would like to emphasize the availability of any of these centers to serve as testimony of their daily experience working with our equipment, their effectiveness as well as the good work of the company.

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Aesthetic equipment
Clinic Biomedical&Health Solutions
 Tel. +34 607 401036
Aesthetic equipment
DEPIDEL Depilate &Thin
         Tel. 982 209 780
Aesthetic equipment
Rosa Coines Tel. +34 956 662085
Aesthetic equipment
         Tl. 982 209 780
Aesthetic equipment
DERMOTERAPIA  Tel. 947 073 776
Aesthetic equipment
Laura Puerto - Advanced Integral Aesthetics
                   Tel. 965.244.664
Aesthetic equipment
Salus Center Aesthetic Medical Center
    Tel. 91 5533463
Aesthetic equipment
Aesthetic Center Tara
     Tel. 984 058 702
Aesthetic equipment
Spa Dermobell 
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