How does Therapy Cool and thermal contrast applications work in beauty treatments?

First we apply heat, as if it were a sauna, and for a few minutes the patient is receiving heat, his body heats up and sweats, so he begins to eliminate toxins.

Once we finish with the application of heat, we make a quick application of cold fluid, (Contrast), this application starts at the ankles and rises quickly to the rest of the body, as it goes up the temperature increases a little, so that the sensation that the client receives is of a very pleasant freshness, after the heat received.

This cold contrast causes the body to naturally react by trying to warm the treated areas, and to do so it sends blood to those areas, together with nutrients, oxygenation, hydration, etc. which the tissues need to be cleaned, oxygenated, nourished, reaffirmed, ... On the other hand the blood that we are contributing to the treated areas, is blood that takes the heat from the fat deposits, so that at the same time that we nourish tissues and we reaffirm them, (tonifying them), we are burning fats and working very effectively also in the reduction of volume.

According  to  the  treatment, we   vary  the   parameters   of  temperature, duration  of  the  contrasts  and  number  of contrasts.

The average duration of a treatment is about 45 to 50 minutes, in which the client is relaxed on the stretcher, they may be listening to their favorite music and the equipment works completely automatically, it does not need the assistance of the esthetician, who may be  doing another treatment to another client during that time...