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Dieta Mediterranea
Based on the Mediterranean diet and the compatibility of
                               the Blood Group
Welfare our goal

Mi Dietista Virtual finally a program of last generation, put at your fingertips for very little, for a discreet and totally personalized way, help you to lose the excess weight, take care of you and improve your quality of life, and above all teach you to eat properly in each of the stages of life

A program designed, based on artificial intelligence techniques and through a series of simple data such as: weight, height, age, sex, blood group, history and diseases you suffer, offers you a diet, (Personalized and adapted to your preferences), a healthy lifestyle and a health recommendations that allow you not only lose the pounds you need to lose, but used with appropriate frequency becomes the caretaker of your health.

The success and effectiveness of  Mi Dietista Virtual is based on:
Mediterranean diet
  • Powerful software based on Artificial Intelligence Techniques.


  • A weekly tracking to ensure the results and correct any deviations. (The equipment remembers your data and week to week adapts the diets and recommendations to your progress).


  • A weekly diet, based on the Mediterranean Diet and the compatibility of the Blood Group and designed by a Dietitian, taking into account your food preferences.


  • The recommendation of some dietary supplements that will help you to lose weight more quickly.

  • Simple exercises and postural recommendations, which will help you lose weight, feel better and avoid ailments.

  • Health recommendations, (depending on your age, sex, etc ...), will help you prevent diseases and improve your quality of life.

  • A personalized tracking, in the different stages of your life, that will provide you with security.


A serious and very complete response, which goes beyond a simple personalized diet, "Mi Dietista Virtual"   values the general condition of the client and not only teaches him to eat properly, but little by little is changing his habits of life, recommending him simple exercises, healthy posture habits, precautions to be taken depending on age, general condition, sex (eg, from certain ages, recommends certain checkups or medical tests, or recommends precautions to take to avoid injury , or suggests very simple exercises to strengthen certain muscles that deteriorate over the years).

Mediterranean diet
  You choose the your diet
     You select the food and we prepare
                           your diet
Mediterranean diet
Recommendations and diets developed by health professionals


As a support for this powerful Software, we have developed a state-of-the-art equipment with a futuristic design, designed to make your center the difference

Mediterranean diet

Presentation ARB Systems & Therapy Cool




A piece of equipment in development, designed to COMPLETE Mi Dietista Virtual  and based on the data provided by the different elements installed in it, such as: weight, height, BMI, Spirometry, Audiometry, Tension and Heart Rate, Oximetry, Cholesterol and Glucose (Non-invasive), etc ... as well as to the data that the patient introduces as age, sex, ailments that suffer, etc ... to offer to the client, not only a healthy diet and habits to Improve both your health and your quality of life, but provides you, based on the diagnostic tests performed in real time, a timely monitoring of your health status.


"Isla de Salud together with "Mi Dietista Virtual", , thanks to the powerful software installed, is able to establish, depending on the age, sex, general health, etc ... as well as certain symptoms that it detects with the diagnostic tests that it performs , a series of MEDICAL ALERTS, about ailments or possible problems that may require a visit to the doctor, which the team will suggest ...

The basic structure of the equipment is an ergonomic and futuristic design cabin, with a touch monitor, which incorporates an intuitive and user-friendly interface that supports the MI DIETISTA VIRTUAL application and interconnects all the elements installed in the equipment and allows you to establish a precise profile, both of their weight status (overweight, obesity, ...), and the general condition of the patient at that time.


The cabin incorporates itself a Therapy Cool, offering the patient the ideal balneotherapy complement with thermal contrasts and cryotherapy, both beauty contrasts (facial), as for all those problems related to the musculoskeletal system that can be treated at the pharmacy.

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