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Cold Technology applied to beauty


It is a novel technique that was invented by dermatologists Dieter Manstein and Rox Anderson scientists from Harvard University and developed at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.


Their studies showed that fat cells are, by their nature, more vulnerable to cold than other tissues around them. Therefore fat cells can be safely removed without damaging the skin that covers them.

Cryolipolysis is the non-invasive cooling of adipose tissue to induce lipolysis, without damaging other tissues.


Cryo-Therapy is a technique in which special care has been taken to ensure the patient's safety as evidenced by the different devices he incorporates, aimed at ensuring that the user's skin is always kept in perfect condition and is never subjected to temperatures below 0ºC.


Like all treatments, Cryolipolysis has contraindications:

  • It can not be applied during pregnancy.


  • It can not be applied to scars or skin conditions such as dermatitis or eczema.

  • It can not be applied to people with cryoglobulinemia or paroxysmal cryohemoglobinuria (Blood disorders).


  • The results are cumulative and long-lasting. Once the fat cells are removed from an area, the duration of the results achieved is expected to be the same as with invasive procedures such as liposuction.


The ideal candidate is a thin person, but with modestly pronounced fat deposits, which are complicated to eliminate with diet or exercise.

Person who is missing approximately 4.5 to 7 kg to reach his ideal weight, who has noticeable belly or belly that you would like to reduce.


That you are interested in a procedure that does not cause pain or discomfort and does not mean to be out of work.


Who prefers a natural process to medicines, chemicals or surgery.


Since it is a non-invasive procedure the patient can immediately resume his daily activities.

We must make it very clear that it is not a solution for obesity, but for localized fat.

The advantages:


  • No side effects


  • No hospitalization needed


  • No surgical method


  • No need for being out of work  


  • No anesthesia required


  • No scars, no pain


  • Multiple zones can be performed per session


  • Guaranteed results


Cryo-Therapy  is  a  novel,  non-invasive  dermatological  method,  specifically  developed  to  eliminate  localized  fat  in  a comfortable and non-aggressive way.

It has been proven that fat cells are, by their nature, more vulnerable to the cooling effect than other tissues adjacent to them, and therefore can be removed without damaging other tissues.

How is it different from other methods?


The great difference of this technique with other treatments is that with Crio-Therapy the cold attacks selectively and controlled only the fat cells without damaging the adjacent tissues.

Crío-Therapy technology is based on three fundamental pillars:


  • A sophisticated technology to control the temperatures applied in treated áreas.


  • The design of exchangers, (flexible and fully adaptable, similar to those used in body treatments), which make possible a very efficient transmission of the temperature to the treated areas. (Without Vacuum). Patented Design.

  • A perfect balance between the applied temperatures and the application time, which allows us to obtain very remarkable results, without subjecting the tissue to temperatures below 0ºC.

                               + We act with temperatures between 0º and 4ºC.

                               + With an application time of around 55 minutes.


The perfect ratio of the parameters (Temperature and Time of application), allows us to act on the fat cells, so that during the application time and in a progressive way, we take the adipocytes to a temperature between 10ºC and 6ºC in which the so-called apoptosis or natural death of the cells takes place, being eliminated through the normal metabolic process of the body.


What we get is a natural elimination and a gradual reduction of fat in the treated areas, in a period that begins to be visible from the first month and is completed between 2 and 4 months after a single treatment.


In general, 2 or 3 treatments are required to obtain the desired results, and our recommendation is to wait between 25 and 30 days to repeat the treatment in the same area.

Criolipolisis y Crioestética

The zones that we can treat with the exclusive exchangers of Crío Therapy are:

Sides - Buttocks
Back - Arms
Criolipolisis y Crioestética

ADC (Direct Applicator of Contrasts)


Criolipolisis y Crioestética
Criolipolisis y Crioestética

Facial Cryo Aesthetic

Cryotherapy treatments at a facial-level whith Crío Therapy, provide very remarkable effects on all tissues:


  • They perform a vasoconstriction followed by a vasodilation, which reactivates the normal mechanisms of the microcirculation, which allows a greater penetration of the active principles of the applied cosmetics.


  • In addition, this microcirculation gives us great nutrition and oxygenation of the tissues.


  • At the muscular level has a very important toning action, strengthening all the musculature of the face. The face has multiple small muscles, which are very difficult to reach with other systems. With the ADC (Direct Contrast Applicator) of Therapy Cool, we reach and stimulate all those muscles at the same time.

  • It makes an authentic vascular gymnastics (exercise, training).


  • It helps in an important way to the restructuring of collagen.


  • Works directly on wrinkles, acne, etc. ..., since it relaxes the nervous system...


  • In scars, it favors circulation and increases oxygenation.


Breast Cryo Reaffirmation


Cryotherapy treatments for Breast Firming with CríoTherapy, provide and act very effectively on all tissues:

  • As in the treatment of Facial Cryo Aesthetic, this treatment performs a vasoconstriction followed by a vasodilation, which reactivates the normal mechanisms of the microcirculation, which allows a greater penetration of the active principles of the applied cosmetics. In addition, this microcirculation gives us great nutrition and oxygenation of all tissues.


  • At the muscular level has a very important toning action, strengthening and stimulating all the muscles that act as support and natural breast straps.


  • Actually it does a real vascular gymnastics.


Let's see how the treatment works:


First we must "prepare the skin" (with a peeling and firming gel), so that when we apply the exchanger and the treatment of cryo aesthetic, the active principles of the gel penetrate quickly.


With the application of the breast exchanger, which acts both on the breast and on the clavicle (where the natural breast straps are found), what we are going to get is a greater nutrition and oxygenation of the skin and the muscular tissues, since the cold causes blood to flow to all tissues, nourishing and reaffirming them.


Let us not forget that it is our own blood that carries the nutrients and oxygen to our whole organism, including the skin. This is the first step to reaffirm the bust.


With breast firming massage, we are making all breast tissue that tends to fall, giving an empty chest appearance, put it back in place.


The mask continues to help penetrate more firming active ingredients.


It is very important, since the client will not go to the center every day, to accompany this treatment with specific exercises for the breast and with the use of some firming cream at home.


The treatment acts not only on the breast, but also acts on the back area, relaxing it, and in the area of the clavicle, (there are the natural "straps" of the chest), because with our tensions and postures we tend to shorten them. When we relax them by placing them properly, the breast rises.

Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Treatments and Physical Conditioning

Physiological effects of cold applications

The analgesic, relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties of the cold are well known, since this slows the nervous transmission.    


The discontinuous and intermittent application of cold, immediately after injury (especially in acute injuries), reduces the effects of inflammation and tearing of muscle fibres.


Cryotherapy is very effective in the treatment of any acute inflammatory process, produced by any type of injury, including postoperative injuries, those caused by aesthetic surgery, those inflammations caused by rheumatic processes, bruises, sprains, among others.


In general, we can say that the cold acts mainly producing four effects:


Produced by the caloric loss in deep tissues and skin produced with the cold. This vasoconstriction is produced by direct action and by reflex action through spinal reflexes. Vasoconstriction decreases blood supply, (Cell metabolism slows down, thereby slowing down the production of inflammatory chemical mediators). It is considered the main mechanism to reduce swelling and haemorrhage after trauma and to reduce oedema in inflammatory reactions, which reduces the initial severity of the lesions. Vasoconstriction, when followed by vasodilation, reactivates the normal mechanisms of the microcirculation. This vasodilatation usually occurs in 12-15 minutes

Decrease of the tissue hypoxia:

Cold inhibits the release of chemical mediators such as histamine (involved in the excitation of nociceptive receptors).


On the other hand, the cold induces in the tissues a state of hibernation that causes a decrease in the needs of oxygen due to the lower metabolic demand of the same. These two factors together with vasoconstriction are those that explain the decline in inflammation.

Decreased pain:

The application of cold is able to cause or relieve pain.

Cold decreases musculoskeletal pain. Cold application reduces pain by disrupting the pain-spasm-pain cycle triggered by the injury. Cold acts by reducing pain and muscle spasm. Theories that attempt to explain this fact are based on the reduction of influx of sensory impulses and the reflex mechanism. 

Decreased muscle spasm:

The application of cold produces a muscle relaxant action. The most significant reduction in spasticity occurs while the cold is applied but can remain for a few hours. The reason why muscle relaxation occurs is not very clear. Some authors say that it is due to an action at the level of neuromuscular spindles whose excitability decreases. According to other authors, gamma efferent fibres (static and dynamic) are blocked. Local cooling would be more effective in cases where there is hyperactivity of the gamma system than when there is hyperactivity of the alpha system.


It must be taken into account that when the exposure to the cold is very intense it produces a destruction of the tissues. For example, dry ice carbon dioxide and carbonic acid are frequently used by dermatologists for this purpose.

Cold Treatments

  • Cryotherapy Sports

  • Injury treatment

  • Rehabilitation Treatments

  • Treatment of inflammations

  • Post operative lesions

  • Muscle fiber tear

  • Treatment to reduce pain

  • Treatment to reduce muscle spasm

  • Contusions

  • Sprains

  • Sprains

  • Etc...

Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Treatments

                 and Physical Conditioning

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