ARB Systems in Cosmobelleza 2012

ARB Systems attends one more year to its appointment with the largest fair of the sector at national level, Cosmobelleza & Wellnees 2012

In February 2012, the 18th edition of the Cosmobelleza & Wellnees International Show 2012 was held at the Fira de Barcelona (L'hospitalet de Llobregat), where it was reaffirmed as a meeting point for beauty professionals and exhibitors of major international brands.

The event had a large influx of visitors both professional and street public, which could relate to major brands in the sector and enjoy live performances and demonstrations

ARB Systems participated with a large Stand in the area of Professional Aesthetics, where during the three days of the fair were realized numerous treatments, that were great success, demonstrating in vivo the results that  are obtained with the Therapies of Thermal Contrasts.

Therapy Cool is based on a perfect symbiosis between the most advanced techniques of the technology and the traditional methods of the water management and the applications of contrasts, in order to provide to professionals of aesthetics, physiotherapy, balneotherapy, etc. .., a work tool of extraordinary effectiveness in all those treatments where the applications of contrasts have a determining role.

The natural reaction of the organism to the contrasts, it stimulates a greater supply of blood to the treated areas, and with the blood go the nutrients, the oxygenation, the hydration, etc. that the tissues need.

On the other hand, the blood supplied to these areas takes the heat from the fat deposits, so at the same time that we nourish the tissues and firm them (tonifying them), we are burning fat and working very efficiently in volume reduction.

Body and facial treatments were performed with surprising results


ARB Systems wants to thank the interest that the visitors of Cosmobelleza 2012 showed for Therapies of Thermal Contrasts and their effects on the beauty and cleanliness of our organism.