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Therapy Care(Physiotherapy)


We act by significantly accelerating the recovery processes

Therapy Care helps you recover your fitness and it does so by strengthening the natural mechanisms of recovery of the organism.

Therapy Care use the power of thermal contrasts, heat applications and cold applications, combined with the application of sequential hydraulic compressions.

You can combine simultaneously in one to two users and up to 4 simultaneous work zones, treatments with Heat, with Cold and with thermal contrasts.

Equipment for the realization of applications of heat, applications  of  cold   and thermal    contrasts,   (contrast   in   less    than  1   min),   with   active   hydraulic 

compression massage, able to work in 4 zones simultaneously, with one or two users at the same time, allowing  each user to use a different application:  heat    applications,  cold    applications    or    thermal    contract  applications.


- 4 fluid  outlets  with  two   independent  circuits, with   two  outputs  each  one,     (total 4 treatment zones, for one or two users).

- Able to combine treatments  with heat, cold  treatments  and  treatments  with

   thermal contrasts, at the same time.

- Heat / cold contrast (in less than one minute).

- 6 levels  of  active  hydraulic  compression  (adjustable  in  both  pressure  and 


- Regulation of the number of heat / cold contrast cycles.

- Hot fluid temperature regulation: 20ºC to 45ºC.

- Cold fluid temperature regulation: 20ºC to -5ºC. 

- Cold power: In 3 min. it is prepared at 0 °C / in 5 min. at -5ºC.

- Regulation of the treatment duration from 1 min. to 59 min.

Equipment for the realization of applications of heat, applications  of cold and thermal   contrasts,  (contrast   in   less   than   1   min),   with   active  hydraulic compression  massage,  able to work in two areas simultaneously, with one or two users at the same time.


- 2 Fluid outlets: (2 treatment zones, in one or two users).

- Heat / cold contrast (in less than 1 minute).

- 6 levels of active hydraulic  compression (adjustable  in  both  pressure  and 


- Regulation of the number of heat / cold contrast cycles.

- Hot fluid temperature regulation: 20ºC to 45ºC.

- Cold fluid temperature regulation: 20ºC to -5ºC.

- Regulation of the treatment duration from 1 min. to 59 min.

(Cold and compression applications) 

Portable equipment - All cold power without ice - Cold without limit

Equipment for the realization of cold applications, combined with active hydraulic compression massage.

Without ice, without cold water, you only need a plug, the cold is produced by  a  mini  compressor,  which guarantees the cold power throughout the treatment.


- Temperature regulation of the cold fluid, from 20 to -2ºC.   

- Regulation of the duration of treatment, from 1 min to 59 min.

- 6 levels of active hydraulic compression, adjustable  both in  pressure

   and frequency.

- Tailored treatments  and fully  configurable in  temperature, time  and


- Fully portable equipment        

        - Dimensions: width: 38 cm, height: 32 cm, depth: 35 cm


Flexible,  fully  adaptable  exchangers,  made   of  a  highly   conductive   temperature  material,  able  to  transmit  and distribute the different temperatures, uniformly and constantly to the areas to be treated.

- CERVICAL     - LUMBAR        - KNEE        - ELBOW                    - ABDOMEN          - COMPLETE LEGS

- FOREARM     - THIGH            - CALF         - SHOULDER             - ANKLE           






Therapy Care, is  not  a  medical  device.

Exclusive  accessory  of  Therapy Care,  designed  for the application  of  heat,  cold  or  thermal   contrasts, in  very specific   areas,  generally   small,  in  which   we  want  to influence in a very localized way, even applying massage or draining with the ADC.

There  are  numerous   studies   that  support  the  highly  beneficial  effects  of  thermotherapy  applications, cryotherapy  and  thermal  contrasts, as  well  as  compression   therapies, in   physiotherapy, rehabilitation treatments and in all those conditions related to the locomotor system.

In this document we are going to reflect some of those applications and their most notable effects:

Both the treatments of Thermal Contrasts Applications, as  well as  the  treatments  with  heat  or  cold, have  very  important  effects  in  the  treatment  of  injuries, muscular pains, lumbago, contractures, inflammations, rehabilitation  treatments  and physiotherapy, in  short, in  all  treatments  of   the  locomotor  apparatus, and   they  act  significantly  accelerating  recovery processes.

Therapy of sequential active hydraulic compression, helps to  reduce  edema  and  acute  inflammation, increases  blood  flow and oxygenation  and cellular  nutrition  of  the  treated   area  with  increased  blood  supply, increases  lymphatic  flow  and drainage and helps to adapt the exchanger to the treated area increasing the contact.


The applications of thermal contrasts, passing from heat to cold and vice versa, in less than a minute, have an extraordinary power to generate a vascular gymnastics that significantly increases blood flow in the treated area ...

Contrast Heat / Cool applications have much deeper effects than heat-only or cold-only applications,

on the factors that cause pain.

The great contribution of blood flow produced by thermal  contrasts  at  all  levels, notably  increases

the  level   of  cellular  oxygenation,  the  regeneration  of  damaged   tissues,  cellular   nutrition  and

strengthening of tissues, muscles, as well as the elimination of pathogenic elements, (thus we obtain a

cleaning of the tissues  and  in  general of the whole blood flow), activates  tissue  proliferation  and  restoration  and  reduces inflammation and muscle spasm and has a very important bactericidal action produced especially by the applications of heat, ...


The heat increases the elasticity of the tissue, significantly increases blood circulation, which  produces a  significant  increase in metabolism in the treated area. The application of heat accelerates the healing of tissues in the  treatment  of  injuries  such as sprains, muscular contusions, tendonitis, ligament injuries, etc ... and is very effective in increasing mobility  and  elasticity in the joints.

In general we can say that heat acts mainly producing three actions:

  • Analgesic action: It is based on the action of heat on sensitivity and especially on pain sensitivity, so it is  indicated  as  an analgesic and sedative agent, (it helps very significantly to provide the patient with a feeling of relaxation)

  • Anti-inflammatory action:  It helps to treat inflammations in a chronic state, , it is based on the

        group of effects on circulation, blood, local metabolism, etc., encompassing hyperemia.

  • Antispasmodic action: The application  of  heat  acts  on  spasms  and  contractures  of  skeletal

       muscles and on spasmodic states of smooth muscles and visceral organs. Hence its indications in

       muscular contractures and spasms such as torticollis, lumbalgia, polio, visceral pain, vesicular  pain, gastralgia  and  all         types of colic pains.

  • The biological effects derived from the application of heat include an increase in tissue oxygenation, reduction of nervous excitability, a muscle relaxant effect, a drop in blood pressure, as well as an increase in sweating. It is  known  that  heat increases the compliance of collagen tissues, reduces joint stiffness, ...


The  analgesic,  relaxing  and  anti-inflammatory  properties  of  the  cold  are  well   known,  since  this   slows   the   nervous transmission.    The discontinuous and intermittent application of cold, immediately after injury (especially in acute  injuries), reduces the effects of inflammation and tearing of muscle fibres

As a summary  we  will  say  that  cryotherapy  generates  a  vasoconstriction  that  reduces  blood  flow,  decreases  metabolic demand, reduces pain,  inflammation  and  edema, improves  lymphatic  function, stimulates  the  supply  of  cellular  oxygen, decreases muscle spasms and causes the recovery of tissues in a natural way.

In general, we can say that the cold acts mainly producing four effects:

  • Vasoconstriction: Produced by the caloric loss in deep tissues and skin produced with the cold. Vasoconstriction decreases blood supply, (Cell metabolism slows down, thereby slowing down the production of inflammatory chemical mediators).

  • Decrease of the tissue hypoxia: The cold induces in the tissues a  state  of  hibernation  that causes

        a decrease in  the  needs  of oxygen due to the lower metabolic demand of it.

  • Decreased pain:  Cold  application   reduces   pain   by   disrupting   the   pain-spasm-pain   cycle

       triggered by the injury. Theories  that  attempt  to  explain  this  fact are  based on  the  reduction

       of influx of sensory impulses and the réflex mechanism. 


  • Decreased muscle spasm: The application of cold produces a muscle relaxant  action. The  most  significant  reduction  in spasticity occurs while the cold is applied but can remain for a few hours.

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