Beauty Treatments

With Therapy Cool we act on the beauty and the inner balance through the cleaning of our organism.

The development of the treatments is based on the recovery (or maintenance) of the thermal equilibrium, activating the systems of elimination of the organism itself and thus to expel the residues and toxins concentrated in any part of the body causing physical and aesthetic problems, reduction of vital energy, etc.....

Why the applications of contrasts as the basis of treatments?

Actuamos sobre la belleza y el equilibrio interior

We have been testing the effectiveness of aesthetic treatments based on contrast applications.


The basis of the treatments has two key steps:

  • Activate our organism to drag to the periphery the residues or toxins that cause internal heat spots, at the same time managing to act directly on the free radicals slowing down the aging.

  • Activate our natural elimination system, the pores of the skin and expel through them the scrap elements.


One of the great problems of esthetics is flaccidity,  a consequence of aging, slimming programs, etc. Therapy Cool, with the applications of contrasts, has as its most outstanding effects the reaffirmation of the tissues, the revitalization and the strengthening of them.


Our skin ages, because as we get older, our blood that carries the nutrients, hydration and oxygenation, instead of flowing into our skin, is concentrated especially in the interior to feed our vital organs. With Therapy Cool and its treatments of thermal contrasts, we make our body to react and contribute in each contrast a blood bath to all those tissues and to our skin, moisturizing, nourishing and oxygenating it.

A nourished, hydrated and oxygenated skin is young and lively skin.


Therapy Cool treatments, both in aesthetics, in tune-ups, etc., are characterized by making the client recover a vitality and energy that he no longer remembered, from the point of view of well-being, on the other side applications of contrasts not only keep us in shape, but strengthen the immune system, boost the body's defenses, remove toxins through the skin, activate circulation, strengthen the lymphatic system, reaffirm and clean tissues, etc....


Therapy Cool treatments are highly experienced treatments,  based fundamentally on the power of contrast applications, and which take as essence the perfect symbiosis between the most advanced techniques of modern technology and aesthetics (Therapy Cool) and methods traditional handling of contrast applications.



Tightening up/Firming



Reducing treatment

Stretch marks

Body exfoliation


Hydration - Nutrition

Oxygenation - Wrinkles

Facial rejuvenation

Facial hygiene



(Direct Applicator of Contrasts DAC)

Facial treatments with ADC

Body treatments with ADC

Physiotherapy treatment with ADC

Physiotherapy with ADC (Cold Only)

  • Treatments of Cryolipolysis

Aplicación de contrastes térmicos faciales

Therapy Cool is the only equipment on the market, able to make facial applications of thermal contrasts, fully automatically, not only with really remarkable results, but also causes a true cascade of sensations in the client.

Another unique element of Therapy Cool, the ADC (direct applicator of contrasts), an ergonomic handle and easy to handle, which allows us with extraordinary ease and efficiency, reach with the thermal contrasts to any point of our body, both for aesthetic treatments and physiotherapy.

Benefits of Beauty Treatments with Therapy Cool

The results of Therapy Cool in beauty treatments, especially those of thinning, reaffirmation and nutrition of tissues are clear and evident in few sessions, thanks to the benefits that occur in health and body in general:


  • Improves the Circulatory System

  • Oxygenates and provides nutrients to the skin

  • Relaxes muscle tensión

  • Acts on the central nervous system

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Causes vitality and energy, raising self-esteem

  • Delay aging


Therapy Cool revitalizes, cleans and detoxifies your body. restoring your health, vigor and natural beauty


The thermal contrasts act very effectively on Free Radicals. With the cleaning of our organism, we make the blood become more alkaline with which we act directly on the free radicals slowing down the aging. In short we do as with everything else TO BALANCE, with which our PH normalizes.



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