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ARB Systems Proyectos Electrónicos S.L.  founded in 2006, is a Spanish  company  dedicated   to   research, development   and

innovation,   as    well    as    manufacturing    in    the    fields    of

biotechnology, medical equipment and advanced aesthetic equipment.


In recent years, ARB Systems has specialized in the research and development of equipment primarily aimed at the medical sector, developing a complete line of Normothermia products for this sector, as well as two pieces of equipment  of Chemo Hyperthermia  for the treatment of bladder cancer, Ovarian, colorectal, gastric, ....


Our department dedicated to the advanced aesthetic equipment, formed by a team of professionals, some of them with more than 20 years of experience in the world of Balneotherapy,  is specialized in the thermostatization of fluids, developing equipment like Therapy Cool (Therapies of Thermal Contrasts) and Crio Therapy, a piece of equipment capable of performing three treatments with great demand in the world  of aesthetics, Cry lipolysis, Facial Cry aesthetic and Breast Cryo Firming.


Our  experience   shows  that  we  can  achieve  amazing results

using less aggressive and more respectful techniques with our body.

With this principle we develop high technology equipment that offers to our clients innovative solutions in the world of aesthetics, beauty and medicine.

Our equipment not only offers results, innovation and exclusivity, but also great quality in the electronic components of last generation, as well as in the materials used to manufacture.

Presentation ARB Systems


  Alberto Ramírez

Managing Director

   Albert Ramos

Technical director

           Juan Carlos Ramírez

Director of Marketing and Advertising

 We work with the objective of taking to your Center the  most  advanced and  at  the

         same time the most effective and least aggressive technology in the market.

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